Conservation is very close to my...

Conservation is very close to my heart, maybe it is because I am a South African born in a country with an rich heritage and spend a lot of time out in the veld and on the ocean. It breaks my heart when I see the decimation of our Fauna and Flora. We have a beautiful country which, sadly, is being exploited by rich, powerful and greedy people and countries. What saddens me even more is how our own countryman assist these countries and people in poaching and destroying our wonderful & rich heritage, well what is left of it!!

We have to step up as individuals and try and make a difference, if we all try then the actions of many will and can make a difference. My pledge is to try and make that difference, maybe others will follow, I don’t know, I can only set an example and hope others may take the same approach.

Based on this I have chosen the following ways to make a difference.

  • All my photographs on this website are for sale, 60% of the sales value will be donated directly to the following organisations, these may change depending on need, or the person purchasing the photograph can nominate the organisation;
  1. Sea Shepard
  2. ACT Rhino Fund
  3. AfriOceans
  • My services as a photographer are for free for any shoot that will promote the protection and conservation of any Fauna & Flora
  • Any photographs I have will be provided free of charge to any conservation agency wishing to use them in advertisements, promotions, fund raising etc. (Terms and Conditions apply)