I started diving a long time ago...

I started diving a long time ago but strangely enough only did my first course (Open Water) with Dr. Eghardt Brand in Namibia, 18 January 1997. I then became an Open Water Scuba Instructor, 22 April 1998 and went up to IDC Staff Instructor 09 June 1999 and current.

Although spending all my free time diving, I only really started underwater photography after a friend convinced me that it was fun and really rewarding, I had my reservations….

I took my first picture with a loan camera, a small Sony point and shoot, can’t even recall the model number. After the dive I was so excited and could not wait to look at the pictures, yikes was I disappointed, blur, blur and even more blur with no colour! Sheesh, where was this instant gratification he mentioned, I was annoyed, thwarted and more so, now totally committed to get one decent photograph!

That was it, game on! The next Monday I went and bought my first underwater camera (“Credit Cards” got to love them) at Ushaka Marine World! A Sony W7 and housing, and I have not regretted it since. My new found passion in underwater photography was 2 fold, one to at least get a decent picture and 2, the continuous need to adapt to an environment that changes every second and then still be able to produce a picture worthy of a frame!

This was not only a huge challenge but extremely exciting! Today I most probably would not dive if you took my camera away. (Joking……not!!) So I guess you can say I am a self-taught photographer who has only realised his passion late in life, well that’s what I thought!

Here’s the catch I most probably did not see it coming from a mile away, try 40 years!

Since changing the “environment” I spent all my free time in, I have been hit hard with the realisation that it was not only photography that I should be passionate about, but also the people dedicated to making a difference in the marine environment, which we so passionately dive and photograph in, through photography and the story it can tell.

This has been missing in my photography for the past 3 years. What was I really taking photographs of, for, or even who?

Was I just trying to create a beautiful picture or is there more to photography, like telling a story, creating a feeling, arousing a sense, generating anger or happiness, pity or self belief dismay or encouragement?

Hopefully my realisation will not be short lived and meaningless. I hope this website will be a testament to me actually doing something about my new found passion. Can I make a difference? Let’s see……

To my family and friends out there, I hope you will be a constant reminder and push me to achieve the future plans I have.

To the website:
Dive Culture is a Website that I should have created a long, long time ago…..I suppose like many things in life we just never get around to it!!! Pretty poor excuse, but many of us find it easier just to put things off and carry on with our day to day lives. Just recently I decided that it was time to change that attitude and hopefully it will show in the content of this website.

I am will be directing this site at 3 main areas:



  • Display of underwater photographs taken in Southern Africa.
  • The improvement of underwater photography in South Africa for South African’s and using all means possible, getting input from various professionals in the field from all over the world to give some input, ideas, comments etc. on photography based on their experiences doing photography work in South African Conditions.
  • To get South African Photographers to actually get involved in Marine Conservation through various forms, but mainly photography.


Training & Equipment:

  • To provide a direct source to Underwater Photographers on all brands of equipment, from camera’s, memory cards, bags, scuba gear, housings, strobes etc. which will hopefully make it more affordable for more divers to get involved in photography.
  • Training of Scuba Divers, the more people we can get into the water the more voices we will have to conserve our oceans.



  • Highlight areas of Major concern that directly impacts on our marine environment.
  • Gather support for Organisations that are already active in specific areas.

I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile, if not let me hear about it.